6 Clean Personal Care Products You Need to Try

Rachel HannahMay 10, 2021

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Finding clean personal care products which have less than 20+ ingredients can be difficult Even then, making sure the ingredients list isn’t deceiving can take some additional research.

This list includes staples both new and old that I will be using in the foreseeable future. I am slowly trying to search for other affordable and clean personal care, beauty, and cleaning products to replace the ones I have with harsh chemicals! If you have any suggestions pls help your girl out in the comments!!

I will say, clean personal care products might feel different on our hands or skin than regular products and may take a week or two for you to get used to.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Read my privacy policy for more details.

1. Hello Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Hello fluoride free toothpaste, clean personal care

Hello tastes good and makes your teeth and mouth feel clean, without fluoride! My favorite flavors are natural peppermint and activated charcoal with fresh mint. I could only find the 4-pack of this flavor on Amazon, however, they do have a couple of other flavors sold individually). But not to worry, Hello is sold at most stores!

Why fluoride free?

“97% of Europe does not fluoridate its water and yet, the tooth decay in 12-year-olds, according to the World Health Organisation, they’re not suffering accordingly. The tooth decay rates are coming down just as fast in the nonfluoridating countries as the fluoridated ones.”

-Dr. Joesph Mercola

Fluoride is a toxin and can have negative effects on our nervous systems (memory loss), especially over a long period of time. There is more information about fluoride in this video which is an interview with Dr. Mercola. Since fluoride has been found to cause more hard than good, I’ve made the decision to make sure it’s not in my toothpaste!

2. Hand in Hand Hand Soap

Any easily accessible hand soap with simple ingredients! I grabbed this one at Walmart, but it’s also at Target and Amazon. The in-store price also seems to be cheaper than Amazon.

Some reviews say it leaves a residue on their hands but that is because this product is not completely stripping off all of our body’s natural oils. This means it doesn’t dry out your hands! It does feel different at first but trust me, you get used to it quickly!

Hand in Hand hand soap, clean personal care

3. Breathe Naturals Deodorant

I have been using Breathe Naturals for over a year! Before Breathe Naturals my boyfriend never wore deodorant because they all gave him a rash or irritation (yes, even natural ones!). After he fell in love with this product, I did too! It’s a small business in which the founder truly cares about customer satisfaction and the quality of ingredients in the product.

One of the most important things I look for in deodorant is that it’s aluminum-free. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer. I’d recommend doing your own research for more specifics!

Breathe Naturals deodorant, clean personal care

Head to Breathe-Naturals.com and use CODE: RACHELSFINDINGS at checkout for 15% off your order

My favorite scents in order are Cedar Spice, Cooling Cocomint, and Lavender Vanilla (so hard to pick!!).

The ingredients are simple with products that help your skin including Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Magnesium, Shea Butter, and more!

4. Zum Face- Facial Cleanser

Zum Face- Facial Cleanser, clean personal care

I needed a basic face wash to cleanse after removing my makeup for the day. It smells great which is essential for me! A lot of affordable natural cleansers are in bars which I don’t like, they’re messy! For a liquid cleaner under $20, this is a product win!!! (Amazon is more expensive than in-store, it’s linked for your convenience!)

5. ECLAT Vitamin C Serum

For under $10 you can have glowy and hydrated skin! I definitely notice immediate results after using this. It makes my skin slightly tacky at first but once it absorbs completely it feels soft and smooth. Ingredients are minimal and there’s nothing toxic!

Eclat Vitamin C Serum, clean personal care

6. Organic Coconut Oil

I swear by coconut oil for a dry and itchy scalp. Since moving to Florida I have noticed my scalp has been so dry from living in a low-moisture environment. I use a small amount on my roots and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before washing my hair.

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