Hiking Mt Ulriken in Bergen, Norway: Everything you need to know

Rachel HannahJanuary 15, 2023

Hiking Mt Ulriken is sure to be one of your favorite things to do in Bergen!

During my short 3 day visit to Bergen in 2017 we decided to hike up Mt Ulriken on a whim as a recommendation from our Airbnb hosts. They actually hiked Mt Ulriken almost every single day after getting off work, that’s how much they loved it, and once I saw the views from the top I was captivated by this hike too!

In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know about the Mt Ulriken hike including where to start from, the cable car, the different trail options, ammenities at the top, and more.

Mt Ulriken FAQ

girl standing on edge of mt ulriken

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About Mt Ulriken

marco of hiking boots in mountains

The port city of Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, the tallest of the lot is Mt Ulriken which stands at 2,110 feet above sea level.

It is one of the most popular hikes beind Mt Fløyen.

Conveniently, there is a cable car that you can take up to the top and at the platform, there are bathrooms, a restaurant called Skyskraperen, a playground, and access to many other trails that go on top of the mountain, some of which continue on longer to connect with Mt Fløyen (more on this below).

Mt Ulriken Hiking Options

The hike that I did is the most popular hike which is simply called Ulriken Hike. When people talk about hiking Mt Ulriken this is most likely the hike that they are referring to. It is 3.5 km (2.2 miles) and generally takes 2 hours to finish if you hike both up and down on this out-and-back trail.

It is not a super hard trek but there are 1,333 steps (they were actually made by the Sherpas from Nepal) so if you have bad knees then I would recommend bringing hiking poles as this section will be the most taxing. I didn’t use hiking poles and my knees were definitely aching afterward.

After doing this hike I did learn that there are actually a bunch of trails you can do at the summit which you can look through the full list here on AllTrails.

The second most popular route is the 13-kilometer (8 mile) trek from Mt Ulriken to Mt Fløyen. Because of its length and lack of trail markers, it is easiest to book a local private guide who knows the area well. As you hike they will also teach you about the history of Bergen and Norway.

There is also another short hike like the Turnerhytten via Ulriken route which is 2.25 kilometers (1.4 miles) each way.

Or the Ulriken via Isdalen trek that meets in the middle at 10.2 km (6.3 mi).

How to get to the Starting Point for the Mt Ulriken Hike

There are two options, you can either start at the Ulriken Hike trailhead or at the base of the cable car.

We decided to take the Ulriksbanen cable car on the way up and then hike down. If you are also doing the same then you can head straight to the lift station which has a parking lot if you are driving yourself.

Otherwise, there is the nearby Haukeland sjukehus bus stop or the Haukeland sjukehus tram station that you can get off from central Bergen. Or look for the dedicated brightly colored busses that will take you from the main square, Torgallmenningen. They will sell you packages that also include cable car tickets.

If you want to hike both ways or hike up and take the cable car down you can still park in the cable car parking lot or get off at the same bus or tram station but it will be an additional 20-minute walk to the start of the trailhead which you can see here on Google Maps.

There is one slightly closer bus station which is Montana Terrasse.

If you want to get dropped off by taxi or Uber the closest place a car can go is to this address.

Ulriksbanen Cable Car

view from Ulriksbanen cable car

The Ulriksbanen cable car costs 210 NOK ($21 USD) for a one-way ticket and the round-trip ticket costs 365 NOK ($37 USD). You won’t need the round-trip ticket if you are planning to do the Ulriken Hike either up or down. However, if you are planning to hike on one of the other trails at the top of Mt Ulriken then a return ticket would make sense.

The ride up lasts about 6 minutes and there may be a bit of a wait to board because each car does not hold very many people. There are rumors of plans to make them bigger in the future.

You can buy your tickets from their website online in advance or in person.

My Experience Hiking Mt Ulriken

scenery and lake on top of mt ulriken

Bus to Cable Car Entrance

After we were dropped off by the public bus we walked to the cable car ticketing area and bought one-way tickets. The quick ride up was very scenic!

Viewing platform

girl smiling at mt ulriken viewpoint

Once at the top we walked out to the viewpoints to enjoy the views and took plenty of pictures. It was epic!

Obstacle Couse

We passed on eating at the cafe but I noticed an obstacle course/playground to the left of the cafe (if facing away from the view) so I went to check it out and it turns out that it’s not just for kids! There were adults walking through it and doing pull-ups on the bars so I had to join in and it was a lot of fun climbing up onto the top of the bars for an even better view.

mt ulriken playground

Exploring the top

There are no defined boundaries at the top and it was a wide open space so my dad and I decided to climb around for a while to find our personal favorite places to chill out at. We even ran into some wild sheep!

wild norwegian sheep

I really enjoyed this part of Ulriken as we were able to get away from all the people and just enjoy by ourselves. There were 380 degrees of beauty up here!

Climbing the rocky hills here wasn’t a cakewalk but definitely worth the extra effort and it enabled us to see more landscapes than if we would’ve just headed straight to the trail back down.

Hiking down Mt Ulriken

view hiking down from mt ulriken

After spending maybe an hour at the top we decided it was time to hike down so we climbed back over the rocky hills to the upper cable car station. Finding exactly where the trail down was a little confusing but we eventually saw a small sign to the left (if facing the station) that pointed us where to go.

From here there are minimal signs until you reach the 1,330 stairs and from what I remember the path wasn’t super flat and we had to climb across several boulders. Just be observant that it seems like you are headed in the right direction.

steps made by sherpas from nepal

The stairs down weren’t so fun but they don’t last for too long once you have a pace going. You’ll probably see a few local people running up them!

Just keep walking until the path takes you out to the street Johan Blytts vei 70 which you can continue on until it makes you take a left.

From there, where you go will depend on where you need to leave from. To get back to Montana Terrasse take the first right. If heading to the cable car lot, the Haukeland bus stop, or tram station, keep going straight on Johan Blytts vei 70. It eventually veers to the right and will connect to the cable car parking lot. The bus and tram stations are past it.

Mt Ulriken Guided Tours

looking up at the tv towers on top of mt ulriken

You won’t need a guide if you just plan on doing the Ulriken Hike but if you want to do more of a longer adventure like the Turnerhytten via Ulriken or Fløyen via Ulriken you may want an experienced guide to help you navigate as some of these trails aren’t very clearly marked. They can be expensive but if you do have the budget a guided hike is definitely something to consider.

The Turnerhytten route is only 4.5 km (2.8 mi) in total but it is a cultural one so this hike would be the most ideal to learn about the history, native nature, and notable views like the Folgefonna glacier (if clear visibility) that you will come across.

This self-guided app tour will give you access to all of the necessary points and routes, and tour information about the places along the trail. You can book this self-guided hike for $85 USD here.

For the 13 km (8 mi) hike between the two mountains (Ulriken and Fløyen), you can go at it alone or you can book this private hiking tour for $800 per group. Your guide will help you through the sections of the trail that aren’t so clearly marked along with providing you with information on the area.

What to Bring on the Mt Uriken Hike

  • Cash or card for the cable car and for food or souvenirs
  • ID – for alcoholic drinks at the restaurant and bar (they don’t usually check in Norway but it’s good to be prepared).
  • Hiking poles – for the 1,333 steps down, especially in rainy weather when they are slippery.
  • Hiking boots – the terrain is all rough
  • Sunglasses – If you’re lucky with a sunny day
  • Windbreaker – there’s a lot of wind up at the top!
  • Warm clothes
  • Hat
  • Water

Final Word on the Mt Ulriken Hike

Thanks for checking out my blog and spending time reading all about the Mt Ulriken Hike!

You should feel much more confident about navigating this hike from my tips above. Mt Ulriken is awesome and I definitely hope you are able to do it during your time in Bergen!

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