15 Important Road Trip Essentials to Boost Your Experience

Rachel HannahFebruary 27, 2021

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In this post I share 15 essentials l found most important on my moving road trip.

1. Slide on shoes

If you are alternating drivers you might take off your shoes as the passenger. It’s super annoying to try and lace-up your shoes just to go the bathroom.

These are my favorite slides by Adidas! They have really plush support and are also perfect for wide feet like mine since the width is adjustable!

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2. Wet Wipes

You probably already have hand sanitizer in your car but for me, wet wipes are at the top of my road trip essentials list. Why? If there are sudden spills or sticky hands these are way better than trying to use napkins or sanitizer. Let’s be real- that iced coffee is gonna dump at some point, lol. We gotta be prepared!

These canisters also fit perfectly inside my car’s door panel cup holder.

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3. Download podcasts/music before your trip

In case service is poor (especially traveling through mountainous regions). This happened to me, I wasn’t prepared with this in advance so I went miles in silence when driving through Tennessee, lol.

4. Digestive enzymes

I tried to eat healthy on my road trip but sometimes even “healthy” fast food salads made me feel sick. I had an upset stomach a couple of times during the trip and these helped me to rebound a lot faster! I even keep these in my purse and house for when I know I’m going to be eating something that’s not the best of quality.

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5. An extra phone car charger

In case it breaks you’re covered! No more wasting time or $ on a lame gas station phone charger.

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This is my favorite durable quick charging cable for all of my android users 😉

6. Extra cash in your wallet 

You never know which places won’t accept credit cards. Especially hole-in-the-wall thrift stores or restaurants. I keep some cash in my wallet for this reason. I also like to hide some extra cash in my car in case I lose my wallet.

7. Plastic bags for dirty/wet clothes or shoes

This doesn’t need much explaining! Just save some grocery bags before your trip. 🙂

8. Large water bottle – so you don’t have to refill

Here is the water bottle I took with me. It’s nothing super impressive but I like the size and price along with the included handle.

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9. Chip clips

For snacks you may open. There’s nothing worse than a bag that won’t stay shut and the possibility of it dumping everywhere. These ones look sleek and they have a tight grip so they won’t slip off!

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10. Tissues

Travel size tissues! Your friendly reminder to make sure you’re stocked!

11. Nail clippers

I swear I always get hangnails when driving lol

12. Mini trash bags

For all of your food wrappers (I store in glove box/underneath seat). I like these Glad ones because they smell nice!

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13. Small Cooler

If I hadn’t been moving and had more space I would have taken a small cooler with food in the trunk or back seat.

14. Pillow for resting

As the driver I found myself needing to rest my eyes for a few minutes while stopping for food or gas. You probably will remember to bring your pillow, but keep it accessible!

15. A spare key & holder

Amazon sells spare key magnetic boxes which you can hide underneath your car. I did not think of this until after my trip but I would definitely purchase something like this next time!

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