About | The Face Behind the Findings

Hi! I’m Rachel Hannah

I’m 24, was born and raised in Michigan, and moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida in October of 2020! I had to get out of the cold, haha!

I was homeschooled all the way through high school and went to community college at LCC and attained my Associate’s Degree in Fitness Leadership in 2019. I didn’t hate college but it never felt like it was right for me. During class, my mind would wander, I had so many creative ideas flowing and I’d always be writing down new ideas in my notes on my phone.

I tried several trades including; photography, personal training, and a semi-successful Etsy shop where I sold stickers for a while, I even bought a laser printer and sticker cutter to make it happen! None of them stuck or felt like “my thing”. I was living at home at the time and felt trapped with no space to work on anything. I knew I needed to move out and give myself the personal space I needed to keep brainstorming and creating. I had this gut feeling a platform for me was out there.

When did I decide to start a blog?

I randomly stumbled across a YouTuber/Blogger BySophiaLee who talked all about how to start a blog. After going down a rabbit hold on her channel I thought to myself, “Why didn’t think about blogging?!!” It encompasses my love for travel and a way to share my thoughts and finds with the world all in one platform. I thought blogging was dead but I was completely wrong!

I finally purchased my domain and set up the RachelsFindings blog in January of 2021! I’m so excited for you to join me on my travel adventures and inspire you to visit my favorite places!