• 6 Clean Personal Care Products You Need to Try

    Rachel Hannah May 10, 2021

    Pin15 SharesFinding clean personal care products which have less than 20+ ingredients can be difficult Even then, making sure the ingredients list isn’t deceiving can take some additional research. This list includes staples both new and old that I will be using in the foreseeable future. I am slowly trying to search for other affordable and clean personal care, beauty, and cleaning products to replace the ones I have with…

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  • quote board with white letters and plant next to it

    Mindset For Fitness and How to Eliminate 5 Toxic Thoughts

    Rachel Hannah May 3, 2021

    Pin8 SharesThis blog post is all about 5 traits I have found to be toxic when aiming to create a fitness-focused mindset. This post is also for those of you who are struggling to stay consistent with the basics of a healthy lifestyle or those who are looking to start. Disclaimer, I am not a health or fitness professional so these are just suggestions of what may work for you…

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  • rachel hannah in bikini at beach

    17 Ideas to Make Living a Healthy Lifestyle Sustainable

    Rachel Hannah April 22, 2021

    Pin25 SharesThis post is all about products I’ve used or lifestyle changes I have made which have made sticking to a healthy lifestyle sustainable. Sections I discuss are diet, supplements, beverages, food, workout, and sleep. Disclaimer, I am not a health or fitness professional so these are just suggestions of what may work for you but keep in mind each body is different. Different things work for different bodies. Disclosure:…

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  • Easy 15 Minute Mango Kiwi Sweet Heat Fruit Salad

    Rachel Hannah April 16, 2021

    Pin1 SharesThis post is all about how to make my mango kiwi fruit salad. It’s light and fresh from the fruit, basil, and citrus. Offset with a kick of spice from the cayenne and sweetness from the honey. This fruit salad can be made in about 15 minutes! Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate…

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  • My 21 Must-Have Kitchen Items For a New Apartment

    Rachel Hannah April 9, 2021

    Pin8 SharesIn this post, I will be sharing with you 21 of my must-have kitchen items. When moving into your first apartment or home you may find yourself in a similar situation as I was in. What are the MOST IMPORTANT kitchen essentials??? I hated the idea of being rushed into buying random items that might not turn out to be good quality. Fortunately, I had time before I moved…

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  • How To Save Money And Organize Your Trip To The Grocery Store

    Rachel Hannah April 1, 2021

    Pin3 SharesThis post is about how to save money grocery shopping! Overwhelmed on what to buy at the grocery store? First, you need grocery list inspiration. Second, there are some tips you can use when it’s time to head to the store! The radio was on in my car recently before I could turn on bluetooth. I heard that in the list of “Top 10 Everyday Worries” #1 on the…

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  • How to Experience Charleston, South Carolina in 48 Hours

    Rachel Hannah March 25, 2021

    Pin53 SharesThis post is about everything I did while in South Carolina for 48 hours. I also spill on which beach I enjoyed more- Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island Beach. After reading this you’ll know where to go in Charleston! My road trip continued in Charleston, South Carolina after leaving from Gatlinburg, Tennessee (if you missed it, check out my Tennessee recommendations!). I was really excited about this stop because…

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  • Quick and Easy Matcha Latte | With Milk Frother or Blender

    Rachel Hannah March 10, 2021

    Pin2 SharesThis post is all about how a make a quick and easy matcha latte with a milk frother or blender. In addition, I include a couple of bonus ingredients that take my latte to the next level. My idea of a perfect Matcha Latte 1. It must be smooth (no bitterness). Meaning a high quality matcha. 2. It needs to be sweet, not too sweet, but just enough to…

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  • 10 Cool Things To Do in Downtown Tampa | RachelsFindings

    Rachel Hannah March 7, 2021

    Pin79 SharesIn the last decade Tampa, Florida has continued to become an increasingly popular city for tourism with an increase of 67%! It goes without saying that being the Super Bowl hosts and champions of 2021 only added our publicity. A great perk I have enjoyed about Tampa is that the airport is just 10 minutes away from all the best things to do in downtown Tampa so it’s super…

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  • What to do in Tennessee: Hiking Mt LeConte, Gatlinburg, Knoxville | Road Trip

    Rachel Hannah March 2, 2021

    Pin58 SharesThis post is all about what to do in Tennessee. Here’s the compilation of all the activities I did in Knoxville and Gatlinburg, including visiting the University of Tennessee and hiking Mt LeConte! This was the longest trip I have ever driven all by myself.  My boyfriend also came but he is foreign so he’s not legal to drive in the United States.  Knowing I’d have to drive 20+…

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