15 Things to do for a girls weekend in St Pete

Rachel HannahMarch 21, 2024

Are you planning a girls weekend in St Pete and looking for some fun ideas that stretch beyond a beach day? I’ve spent the last 4 years living in St Pete so this list is a compilation of my favorite activities!

No matter if you are a girly girl or a tomboy there are activities on this list for all personalities and interests. So let’s get into it how to have the best weekend with your girls in St Petersburg!

1. Make pottery at Sugar Cream Clay

sugar cream clay 70s theme lounge area with vintage couch
rachel and a friend behind the pottery wheel at sugar cream clay st pete
group of girls painting pottery at sugar cream clay

Making pottery had been on my bucket list for a while and I was so happy when I finally got to try it recently at Sugar Cream Clay! We reserved the space for my friend’s birthday party and it was SO much fun! Plus the vibes and vintage 70s decorations inside are unmatched.

This activity is more of a splurge but for $65 USD per person, it includes lessons on the potter’s wheel, all painting supplies, complimentary snacks and beverages, and between 2-3 ceramic pieces to take home with you! Considering all this, I think it’s a good value.

Note: It takes a few weeks before getting your pieces back as they need to be fired in the kiln. So, you’ll need to live in the area if you want to do this activity (or plan another trip back *wink wink*).

I could never convince my fiance to do pottery with me so this ended up being the perfect way to spend a weekend with my girls in downtown St Pete!

2. The Candle Pour

rachel and her friend make candles at candle pour st pete
candle pour st pete work station
scent wall and scent list clip board candle pour st pete
deciding on scents

The Candle Pour is a custom candle experience that you’ll want to check off during your St Pete girls weekend. I loved how bright, modern, and clean the space feels. If you have OCD the perfectly organized scent shelves and candle-making stations will be appreciated.

The process was so organized and fun. The staff taught us which scents pair well together and helped us to gather a sense of what type of smell we wanted to create. During the scent creation process, you get to completely control how much of each scent you want to add and smell it as you go until you are satisfied.

I typically go for fresh, clean, and woodsy notes so my combination of white tea, olive blossom, and fig turned out to smell incredible!

The candle creation process only takes 30-45 minutes, after your candles are poured it takes 2 hours for them to set. Don’t worry, in the meantime, you can keep yourselves busy exploring other parts of downtown St Pete.

3. Try a new wine or cocktail bar

tequila daisy cocktail bar downtown st pete
Tequila Daisy
rachel and her friend post by neon sign dirty laundry speakeasy st pete
Dirty Laundry
holding wine glass at night with string lights lolitas wine bar st pete
Lolita’s Wine Bar

Over the last few years, there has been an influx of new wine and cocktail bars in downtown. So no matter the size or interests of your group there are plenty of options to pick for your girls weekend in St Pete.

I have been swooning over Lolita’s Wine Market for years now! I have told everyone I know about their amazing wines and charcuterie boards. Their new location also has a cozy patio that lights up after dark which would also be great for date night.

Dirty Laundry is a Latin-themed restaurant and speakeasy but the high energy and dance floor make it more like a club. You can also hang out on the patio if you are just looking to talk. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll need to figure out how to get behind the washer and dryers.

If you come on a Thursday you can receive 1/2 off select cocktails for girl’s night!

If you want to bar-hop in downtown St Pete, Tequila Daisy is a great place to begin! Their drinks are delicious and I love how many options they have. There are ample photo opportunities here too!

4. Brunch

korean bbq pork belly sanwhich wild child st pete
Wild Child
modern dining area flatbread and butter st pete
Flatbread & Butter
group of girls at brunch king state st pete
King State

What would a girls weekend be without brunch? Lucky for you, St Pete is filled with aesthetically pleasing spots that are also delicious!

Sitting at my number one spot for Sunday Brunch is Wild Child. It delivers on atmosphere, flavor, uniqueness, and fun cocktails. They also have enough room for larger groups on their patio but make sure to have reservations because they book up quickly.

If you’re craving pizza go with Noble Crust for a full-service sit-down experience, for something quick and casual, Flatbread & Butter never disappoints and their coffee is amazing too!

Social Roost would be my pick for a higher-end brunch affair. I appreciate that their menu has traditional, ethnic, and fresh choices. Any of which will pair nicely with the Goddess cocktail (my favorite) – refreshing with a hint of spice.

One of the newest kids on the block is King State. The building was once an old auto shop but has transformed into a hip restaurant and bar that serves brunch on the weekends, The menu is simple and the prices are fair.

5. Cafe Clementine

strawberry pastry with preserves and fresh strawberry cafe clementine
pastery boxes on patrio table with waterfront view clementines

What would girlhood be if we didn’t get excited to dress up and visit a cute bakery? The best part about Cafe Clementine is that their baked goods look pretty but they taste incredible too – I’m talking Europe-level quality.

Everything is homemade and they focus on sourcing local and organic ingredients.

To this date, Cafe Clementine is my favorite bakery in St Pete and I can never seem to go here without ordering multiple things. It’s a problem…

Cafe Clementine is located inside the lobby of the Museum of Fine Arts and is open from Thursday to Sunday 9 am to 3 pm. Speaking of museums, that leads me to my next girls weekend idea.

6. Have a museum day

metal women outdooor sculptures
I love the outdoor section at the Duncan McClellan Gallery!

After your bakery date at Cafe Clementine, you could easily explore the different works at the Museum of Fine Art which range from ancient to modern.

Downtown St Pete has a ton of different museums though so if this one isn’t your type here’s a list of some other lighthearted choices:

  • Dali Museum – Get lost in Dali Salvador’s world of surrealism. There are pieces from throughout his career on all types of mediums. For another layer of enjoyment add on the 360 experience. There is a lot to see so allot a few hours at the bare minimum. Plus, enjoy treats and a coffee at the on-site cafe before leaving.
  • James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art – Western paintings, artifacts, and jewelry from 1980 and after. Collections from 20th and 21st-century artists. Recent art from Southwest Native American artists. Wildlife gallery.
  • Chihuly Collection – Inside the Morean Arts Center, you will find unique glass sculptures created by the world-famous Dale Chihuly.
  • Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement – 4 floors of art, vintage furniture, and architecture with a garden space and cafe.
  • Imagine Museum – Contemporary glass art from around the globe that plays with motion and light.
  • Duncan McClellan Gallery – Rotating glass exhibits from acclaimed artists. One of my favorites, it’s nice to walk around inside and out in the sculpture garden. Free entry.

7. Get permanent jewelry together

Not ready for something quite as permanent as matching tattoos? Getting permanent jewelry on your girls weekend in St Pete would be a fun alternative. Plus, it’s not super time-consuming so you’ll have plenty of time for other activities.

Sadie + Sky Permanent Jewelry (5th Ave) – They offer 14k gold-filled, solid gold, and .925 silver bracelets that are completely customizable to your wrist size and design preferences. You can even pick out a charm or two to have a piece that stands out.

Flash and Fuse (Central Ave) – Offering minimalistic chains that are perfect for layering to create your own unique bracelet stack. They only use quality materials so you don’t have to worry about your bracelet turning green.

I love my permanent bracelet but I got mine from Link x Labs in Tampa so unfortunately I cannot speak on behalf of these companies but I’m sure they have high ratings for a reason!

8. Explore Fairgrounds St Pete

mermaid tail neon sign fairgrounds st pete
rachel and her friend pose in front of colorful mural
life size shrimp cocktail exhibit fairgrounds st pete

If you and your friends are interested in immersive art you’ll have to spend some time at Fairgrounds St Pete! From the moment you “check in” at the Mermaid Star Hotel, there’s no shortage of creativity to discover.

All of the exhibits are from the community’s artists and it’s neat to see original Florida stories interpreted through different art mediums. I was shocked to see quite a bit of technology involved in the different pieces on display.

Fairgrounds is always coming out with fun new exhibits so there’s sure to be something different there from what I saw when I went!

We decided to upgrade our tickets to include the scavenger hunt and it helped to lengthen our stay. This would also be a fun thing to do for date night!

9. Sign up for an event at Hostess

Hostess is a chic event venue on Central Ave that is always putting on the coolest monthly events.

I’ve been eyeing their calendar for months and I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to go with some girlfriends. Once you find an event you’re interested in book your tickets quickly because they will sell out.

Hostess also has seasonal events that will get you in a celebratory mood!

If you’re from out of town, you’ll need to get lucky or plan accordingly. However, if the dates don’t line up, Hostess also has a small storefront boutique where you can shop for kitchen statement pieces, cookbooks, or even find something unique that would make a great gift.

10. Make it a kombucha date!

beech bucha st pete bar and menu
flight of kumbucha beech bucha st pete

Whether you’re trying to stick to your healthy habits, don’t drink alcohol, want to try something new, or simply enjoy the taste of kombucha, St Pete’s only kombucha brewery and tasting room is the perfect spot to hang out with your friends!

The customizable flights at Beech Kombucha are fun to try and you can sample up to three different kombucha flavors before buying anything! Their space is so eclectic and I love the indoor-outdoor seating areas.

Their kombucha is as high quality as it gets. It’s made in small batches and has no concentrates, extracts, added sugars, or preservatives. Just fruits and roots!

11. Rent bikes and tour the city

rachel sitting on bay ebike at night on st pete pier
rachel and her mom sitting bike rentals from bay e bikes

One of my favorite ways to explore the beauty of St Pete is on a bike. You can cover so much ground in a short amount of time!

It’s especially a great way to spend the better portion of a day if you have active friends.

While there are standard bike rentals all over town I recommend going the E-Bike route. These bikes can go up to 20 mph and on a full battery you can cruise as far as 45 miles. I rented from Bay E-Bikes when my mom was visiting from Michigan and she enjoyed it so much that she didn’t want to turn in her bike at the end.

What I particularly love about Bay E-Bikes is that they drop off the rentals at your location (if you’re within Pinellas County) or one of their suggested starting points. It’s most popular to explore St Pete Beach or Downtown St Pete.

12. Go to a new coffee shop

bad mother st pete latte in black mug and saucer next to fresh eucalyptus
Bad Mother
gallery wall and tables at grove surf and coffee st pete beach
Grove Surf & Coffee

As a self-proclaimed beverage person, I don’t think I love anything more than grabbing a friend and going for coffee.

There is truly a coffee shop in St Pete that will fit whatever atmosphere you’re looking for! Here are a few of my favorites:

Best views: Patrona Coastal Café

Best interior: Bad Mother

The most variety: The Blend

Most casual: Craft Kafe

Most unique: Grove Surf & Coffee (they have a retail surf shop)

13. Try a new workout class

rare body studios st pete clothing display
Rare Body Studios
selfie of two girls on yoga mat outside in downtown st pete
Rooftop pilates!

One thing that St Pete might have more of than dogs is workout studios. I say this in the best way possible because I love mixing up my workout routine and there’s no better way to do it than by having a friend tag along.

Whether you’re into yoga or want to try out the reformer pilates trend, I have been to so many different studios across St Pete and have yet to find one I didn’t like. Of course, I do have my favorites which include Studio Physique, Barre Central, Freebird Fitness, SunState Yoga, and Rush Cycle.

Most studios offer drop-in classes but if you live in St Pete the most economical way to try from different studios is through ClassPass. I have been a member on and off for years. They’re great because their membership pricing works for every budget.

There are also free workout classes that happen monthly, like Yoga at the Pier or Rooftop Pilates at Station House.

14. Go thrifting

Recently I have been addicted to thrifting! It’s so satisfying to hunt through the racks for top brands, quality vintage items, and bold prints and patterns you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.

Over the years I’ve found some pretty great places which include Sunshine Thrift, (re)treat, the Goodwill on 34th St, and the one on Gandy Blvd N.

So if you haven’t hopped onto the thrifting trend this is your sign to grab your girl gang and find some cool stuff!

15. Fall in love with a new boutique

What would a girls weekend be without a shopping spree? There are so many great boutiques in St Pete and many of them can be found by walking around on Central Ave, downtown.

However, if you drive over to 4th S N there are a bunch more that aren’t talked about as much including Shandy Style, Marion’s, Bay Club, and Canvas Fashion Gallery.

Inspired to plan a girls weekend in St Petersburg?

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can spend a weekend with friends in St Pete. From coffee houses and brunch to getting your sweat on by biking or trying a new workout class. From learning a new skill such as pottery or candle making or enjoying conversation over some cocktails.

Let me know in the comments which ideas you want to do during your girls weekend in St Petersburg!

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